Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The M.A.D.E. store Overview

M.A.D.E. is basically a line of handmade fashion doll clothing and accessories.

I used to DREAM about becoming a successful knitwear
designer, but I was never able to break into the business.
So now I live out my dreams of becoming a designer via
my doll collection.

The most exciting thing is that I've discovered so many
people online who love Barbie and dolls as much as I
do and who appreciate my work.
Let me mention that while I entend to sell my doll designs
I'm open to barter/trade work with face painters ALWAYS.
I have a few favorites who need help. is coming soon.

In the mean time,
Items for sale will be auctioned off Ebay for now.
Check the post topic 'On sale now' to see what's available.

Thanks for stopping by fellow doll lovers.

What's New!!!!!!

Hooray the M.A.D.E. store is almost complete and I'm almost ready to try and sell some items. This is a photo of the store front window display..

This is Miracle (you all know her as Lea, modeling the crocheted sleeves and dress and one of the little shopping bags that items that people order will be placed in before being boxed and shipped. Yes, we have a M.A.D.E. logo and our colors are black, white, cream and gold. ;)

This is the wall display and the following pics are just photos of other dolls wearing some of the designs you see displayed here.

These shoes are not the best, but they were practice run shoes. Trust me, now that I know how to work with polymer clay more better, my shoes are going to be awesome.

This is a cute little crocheted balero jacket. I think it will be in my signature collection, no doubt.

These are some of the hats that I was practicing patterns on. The thread is a little too thick so I'll have to start using sewing thread.

I'm going to need supercooldollhouse to give me some ideas on painting the display case. It's far to bland.

Behind the Scenes

Little Onnie and Jesse modeling hats. I'm not going to use the crochet thread anymore because it looks a little too thick and it feels a tad bit bulky. The red hat is made with crochet thread. The stripe hat is alot thinner and looks more proper scale size, it's made with three strands of sewing thread worked together. So that's how I'll be making the hats from now on.

This hooded pull over is definately going in the signature collection.

On Sale NOW!!!!!!

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